Horse Height Compared to Human Height: 6 Fun Height Facts

horse height compared to human

To many people, horses are big and intimidating animals, whilst others regard them as cute and fluffy ponies. So, what is horse height compared to human height? The height of …

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English Saddle Size Chart: 9 Helpful Elements of Saddle Fitting

english saddle size chart

Saddle fit is quite a complex topic, especially when it comes to sizing. Using an English saddle size chart can help you determine the right size saddle for you and …

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Black Oil Sunflower Seeds for Horses: 3 Great Benefits

black oil sunflower seeds for horses

Deciding what to feed your horse can be a minefield, and many equine experts will recommend black oil sunflower seeds for horses. But what are black oil sunflower seeds and …

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How Fast Can a Mustang Horse Run? Plus 3 Fastest Breeds

how fast can a mustang horse run

It is a thing of beauty watching a horse move across open land, bringing a sense of awe and peace to the observer, so how fast can a mustang horse …

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Do Horses Nurse Their Young? Fascinating Newborn Foal Facts!

do horses nurse their young

Do horses nurse their young? How does a foal feed from its mother? If you are wondering how horses feed their young, then we’ve got everything you want to know …

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How Much Does a Mini Horse Cost? 5 Important Factors

how much does a mini horse cost

There is no doubt about the cuteness factor of a tiny horse, but how much does a mini horse cost? Is it more than a full-size horse? It is easy …

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